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Pat Kelly Ballina
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When considering the purchase of a new or used vehicle it is always worth considering the best way to fund it.

We can arrange personalised finance packages to suit everyone's needs. Financial packages can be arranged for all commercial and passenger vehicles

Ask about Toyota Flex the new way to stay in a new Toyota every 3 Years at an affordable monthly payment - ask for details

Our sales people are fully trained and qualified in all aspects of vehicle finance. The various options include Toyota Flex - PCP, Hire Purchase, Leasing, Consumer Hire, and Contract Hire.

We will advise you on the best finance package to suit your needs. Our business department acts on behalf of all the major financial instutions including our main partner;Toyota Finance.

Toyota Flex- How it works
Firstly, you choose the Toyota you want. Then you choose the deposit that best fits your current needs and select the estimated kilometres you’ll expect to travel during the term. Then we set a Guaranteed Minimum Future Value (GMFV††) of your new Toyota. Your monthly repayments are then calculated on the difference plus interest.

Contact Donie or Derek for a financial package to suit your needs @ 096 22033

For more information, call us, or email us from our contact page.